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In autumn 2006 (Aug 2006), I moved to Canada and joined in the University of Waterloo, Waterloo. Waterloo is a small town of population 90,000 located 65 miles south of commercial capital Toronto. After spending almost two years in a non-English speaking country, it is of great relief on communication front. However, the emotions and feelings are far from what I experienced in Taiwan. 

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Toronto is a very vibrant and colorful city of North America

On sept. 2004, for the first time I left my home country to Taiwan and was there for around two years till July 2006. Although, I was officially appointed in the Department of Physics, Tamkang University, but I lived at Hsinchu (the wind city) a place famous for Taiwan semiconducting chip manufacturing company and worked at National Tsing-Hua University. The time I spent in Taiwan is very much alive and it is difficult to forget the memory and experiences I had there. I have almost travelled to important tourist places of Taiwan and carry the memories for life. PICTURES FROM TAIWAN. I have got nice friends there and wish to visit Taiwan again.

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Taiwan is a one of the most developed country in the Asia

Before coming to Taiwan I was almost 5 years at Bombay (one of those spicy old, hot hellholes that are leftover from the Legacy of the Raj, and whose charm is slowly eroding). From time to time, I miss: the wave patterns of heated air rippling up from the tar-slathered asphalt, my friends and the pedestrian insanity of India's most overcrowded city. However, I was lucky to stay in a most serene and beautiful campus of IIT, Bombay. I miss the roads, mountains and beautiful lakes of the campus. PICTURES - IIT-BOMBAY CAMPUS.

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Bombay is an over crowded city which embraces people from every corner of india

All my schooling was done in sleepy and forgotten village/town of Orissa, an eastern province of India where I spent my entire life growing up (first 22 years of my present life). I remember all the lanes and pole post of my native village/town and I feel nostalgic when think over it. PICTURES IN THE MEMORY LANE.

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A place largely filled with forests, mountains, rivers and crops land