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Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury Professor, 

CSE, IIT Kharagpur.



Ongoing Sponsored Projects :

1.       Software Tools for Cryptanalysis of Stream Cipher, SAG, DRDO, New Delhi, India; Principal Investigator.

2.       Encompression Encryption in Compressed Domain, SAC Ahmedabad, India; Principal Investigator.

3.       Design of an Integrated Scheme for Error Correction and Message Authentication, SAC Ahmedabad, India; Principal Investigator.

4.       Investigation of Cryptanalytic Techniques. Headquarters, Integrated Defense Staff, Ministry of Defense, Government of India; Co-Principal Investigator.

Past Projects :

5.       Design and Analysis of an Efficient Cryptosystem for Safety Messaging over Vehicular Networks,. General Motors, India; Principal Investigator.

6.       Design and implementation of cryptosystems resistant to vulnerabilities and side channel attacks. DIT, New Delhi, India; Co-Principal Investigator.

7.       High Speed End-to-end ASIC Design of AES Rijndael Cryptosystem. ISRO, India; Principal Investigator.

8.       Design of an Indigenous Encryption Algorithm for SDA-16. ITI, Bangalore, India; Principal Investigator.

9.       Design of an IP core for a digital signal processor (DSP) with essential functionalities. ISRO, India; Co-Principal Investigator.



For suggestions and comments:  Prof. D. Roychowdhury