A Short Term Course on "Advanced Topics in Cryptography"

27 June - 03 July 2017





B R Seth Seminar Room,

Department of Mathematics,

IIT Kharagpur










Department of Mathematics, IIT Kharagpur organizes a short term course entitled "aDVANCED tOPICS IN CRYPTOGRAPGHY" from 27 June - 03 July 2017.



The aim of this course is to introduce the areas of cryptography and cryptanalysis to the participants. This course develops a basic understanding of the algorithms used to protect users online and addresses some of the design choices behind these algorithms. One of the major focus in this course is to build a workable knowledge of mathematics used in cryptology. The course emphasizes to provide a basic understanding of previous attacks on cryptosystems with the aim of preventing future attacks. A wide variety of basic cryptographic primitives will be discussed along with recent developments in some advanced topics like functional encryption, two-party/multi-party computation and post quantum cryptography.

Tentative Content:

1.     Introduction to Classical Cryptography

2.     Block and Stream cipher

3.     Data Encryption Standard (DES) & Modes of operations

4.     Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

5.     Introduction to PKC

6.     Provable Security: Security Reductions

7.     Secret Sharing and Visual Cryptography

8.     Broadcast Encryption and Attribute-Based Encryption

9.     Functional Encryption

10.  ECC

11.  Stream Cipher Cryptanalysis

12.  Multi-party computation

13.  Obfuscator & Multilinear maps

14.  ID-based cryptosystems

15.  Lattice-based cryptography

16.  Code-based cryptography

17.  Multivariate Public Key Cryptography (PKC)

18.  Block cipher cryptanalysis



Participants of the program are faculty members, students, working professionals from different institutions, research & development organizations and industries. The participants can attend the course at IIT Kharagpur. The course is FREE for teachers of AICTE approved degree level Engineering collage, whereas there is a course fee for other participants.



1.     All participants (faculty) AICTE approved degree level Engineering collage must submit the certificate from the college authority, in which it must be mention that, your college is AICTE approved. TA for AICTE participants is limited maximum of AC-3 Tier Railway fare on shortest route only.

2.     As there are only a few seats available, early-bird registrants will be given preference. However, there will be a rigorous selection procedure for the course.

3.     All participants (excluding AICTE institution) will be responsible for all expenses, including accommodation, travel, and food. However, on the immediate request from the participants, the accommodation can be tried to be arranged (on self-payment-basis in some hostels/guestrooms) inside the IIT campus, based on availability. Best possible available arrangements will be attempted to be made. However, the course coordinator will not be responsible to meet the quality expectations of the participants in all academic and non-academic aspects.

4.     On successful completion of the course, certificate of participation will be issued to all the candidates by the Continuing Education office of IIT Kharagpur, on the recommendation from the Coordinator.

5.     Attendance of each of the candidates will be taken regularly.

6.     All the selected participants must bring the required original testimonials during the course.

7.     Please note that, the last date of registration is June 15, 2017.


Steps of Applications:

1.     Step 1: Go to the Registration Form tab

2.     Step 2: Download the registration form. If you are a participants from AICTE Institution, the "Sponsorship Certificate" (in the form) need to be filled by your Institute authority along with the seal from your Institute.

3.     Step 3: If you are not a participants from AICTE Institution, course fees are to be paid online or bank draft in favor of 'CEP-STC, IIT Kharagpur' payable at Kharagpur. Go to online transfer tab to find the account details for online transfer. The payment of the specified applicable amount (please check the fees structure) is required to be sent to us immediately. Please note that the payment is non refundable, under any circumstance, even if the applicant does not attend the course.

4.     Step 4: Send the soft copy of filled application and scan copy of bank transferred document (for the participants other than AICTE teachers) to the email: cryptoiitkgp2017@gmail.com

5.     Step 5: Please send the hardcopy of all the documents (already sent by email) to the address:

 Dr. Sourav Mukhopadhyay
Associate Professor,
Department of Mathematics,
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur,
West Bengal, India.